Business Opportunities in Buckshaw Village

Preston Village

The village lies at a distance of 10 miles from the Preston Village and around 30 miles from Manchester.

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Stunning Road

The village has stunning road connections that lie between M61 and M6 motorways.

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Buckshaw Village

There are plans being made for the development of a new railway station in Buckshaw Village.

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Manchester Airport

This railway station will offer direct service from Preston to Manchester and will also cover the Manchester Airport.

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Buckshaw Village is an all new industrial and residential area located between two towns names Leyland and Chorley in Lancashire. Buckshaw is one of the largest urban developments in North West England. Official population figures of this area report a population of around 4000. There are various new developments taking place in this area with the most recent development being the site at Royal Ordnance Factory. Buckshaw also boasts of a scout team.


There are basically two popular buildings in Buckshaw namely the Old Worden Hall and the Buckshaw Hall. The Old Worden Hall was recently redeveloped by Maysand Group. The Buckshaw Hall was built in 1650 and was meant to serve as the residence for Robinson family- the land owners from Chorley. Both these buildings are located very close to the area called Upper Buckshaw.

Most Popular Buildings in Buckshaw

There are basically two popular buildings in Buckshaw namely the Old Worden Hall and the Buckshaw Hall. The Old Worden Hall was recently redeveloped by Maysand Group. The Buckshaw Hall was built in 1650 and was meant to serve as the residence for Robinson family- the land owners from Chorley. Both these buildings are located very close to the area called Upper Buckshaw.

Perfect Location for Business

You might not be aware of the fact that Buckshaw Village is an award winning urban development located in the centre of Lancashire. It offers a total of 4000 new homes along with primary health centre, outdoor sport and school facilities. Additionally, it has been estimated that the business park in this village that is spread across 80 acre will accommodate some of the best commercial floors offering employment to around 9000 people. This urban development has the perfect location offering easy access to the entire North West.

The Commercial Quarter Scheme in Buckshaw Village

The Commercial Quarter Scheme that has been brought into effect in Buckshaw Village will serve as the hub of the village incorporating petrol filling station and Tesco food store. The Commercial Quarter will also have a total of 16 independent units of different sizes. The uses considered suitable for this scheme include a bookmakers, pharmacy, bakery, dry cleaners, hairdressers, restaurant/café, hot food takeaway and estate agents.…

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Buckshaw Village Charity Event Organised

Barnardo’s has a charity shop in the centre of Buckshaw Village and gains a number of charitable donations that help transform the lives of young people.

About Barnardo’s

Barnardo’s works with some of the most vulnerable children in the country. Providing services that tackle issues such as poverty, abuse, disability sexual exploitation and a telephone helpline. You can find the shop at Unit 59 Barnes Wallis Way and they are open 9:00 am – 5:30 pm Monday to Saturday and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on a Sunday.

Charity Event Organised by Fertile Frog

Thanks to the team at Fertile Frog web design in Buckshaw Village, a local charity event is being arranged to support this great cause. A bring and buy sale is being organised to raise money for Barnardo’s. Anyone who wants to go along are welcome and will be able to bring things to be sold and shop for quality goods that are great vaule for money. All donations will be going to charity.

The event will be held at the Buckshaw Village Hub and anyone in the village is asked to keep an eye out for more details in The Hub @ Buckshaw.

Community Donations

Barnardo’s charity shop is a great place for the community to share any unwanted items that could be sold. the money would be used for good causes and for more information ring them on 01772 455882.

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Some Famous Places in Preston City

Preston is a city in Lancashire, in the North West of England. Preston sits on the North Bank of the River Ribble and even though it’s surrounded by rural villages, it is only a short distance from the busy city of Manchester.

Location and Buildings in Preston City

Preston houses the University of Lancashire, Preston North End FC and is home is to 114,300 people. Preston is also known for its great nightlife and shopping and has several bars, clubs and high street shops.

The Preston community features a number of facilities like dog walking stations, playground and swim centre. Eye-catching and dramatic curb appeal such as stone, brick and stucco exteriors form the main features of buildings found in this city. On the other hand, there are buildings with spacious interiors featuring island kitchens, flexible floor plans and spacious suites.

What is Life Like in Preston City?

Preston provides endless activities for having fun and staying active at the same time. There are several community amenities for the citizens to enjoy including playgrounds and swim centres. People can also enjoy trouble-free access to some of the most important motorways. Local parks, entertainment centres, driveways and shopping malls are also found in this city.

Places to Visit in Preston Village

Some of the best places to visit in Preston Village include:

Avenham Park, Ribble Steam Railway, Harris Museum and Deepdale Park to cheer on the local football team. So you’re never short of something to do in the city of Preston.



There are not many who know about Preston City but it is undoubtedly a place worth visiting. The modern facilities available in this city are sure to make your stay a fun filled one.

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Everything Famous About Chorley

Chorley is basically a market town that lies very close to the south border of Lancashire in the northeastern region of Liverpool. It is since the Bronze Age that this village has been inhabited but it received great prosperity in the form of a cotton town during the 19th century. At present, Chorley is a clean and bright town serving as the base for exploring Liverpool, Blackpool and Manchester.

Chorley Markets

With its location on the M61 motorway lying south of Preston, this town has greatly benefited from the urban renewal. It also maintains its independence from larger cities like Leyland and Preston. According to reports, Chorley will experience a growth in population with the
completion of the Buckshaw Village complex. It was in the year 1250 when Chorley got its very first market charter meaning the authority of conducting business and keeping profits for improving the services and the buildings of the town. However, towns with market charters are also required to donate a very small amount of their profits to the local lords. Markets in Chorley have always been successful in doing good business. Chorley consists of two huge markets namely Covered Market and Flat Iron Market. Both these markets are open regularly to a wide assortment of vendors dealing in small goods, house wares and other products.

Famous Products in Chorley

Chorley owes its popularity to two important products and they are Lancashire cheese in fine varieties, manufactured and sold locally and Chorley Cake which is a popular dessert. Though this cake resembles the Eccless Cake, it is a bit different. The currant stuffing of this cake is placed between two flat cakes that are unsweetened and made of shortbread. This is the reason why Chorley Cake is easier to eat and is less sticky as well. Chorley cake is best served during teatime with Lancashire cheese.

Sports in Chorley

Visiting Chorley would be a thrilling experience for people who love soccer. This is because the town is just a half-hour drive from the pitches of five Premiere League football teams of England. Four of these teams are Wigan, Blackburn Rovers, Manchester United and Bolton Wanderers. It is only because of this reason that the people living in Chorley are fond of soccer and they generally spend their weekends playing soccer with family and friends.

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Chorley is the perfect gateway for people who like to spend some time away from the hustle and bustle of the city but still like to experience the feeling of living in a market town.…

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